The popularization of darts in Szombathely started in September 2007 among young talents. That time, the students could get acquainted with this sport and learn the rules at study circles in Bercsényi Miklós Primary School. At the beginning 4 soft machines were at disposal in the study circle, however, one year later, a big change happened. The school received some steel dart boards thanks to the Ciao Amico darts club, which was still active at that time. So we could start preparing for the students’ Olympics. Of course, there were some nice results from youngsters earlier as well, but those were successes of private attempts. One of the biggest successes is Gábor Lakner’s Hungarian champion award among adolescents.

The major basis of the young talents of Szombathelyi Darts Club is Bercsényi primary school, where about 15 pupils take part in the weekly regular trainings. Other young people also join them, mainly primary school aged. Six of them have claimed a competition permission entitling them for taking part in the young talents’national championship. The rest can have a challenge at the national final of “Sulimpia”. Besides the national competitions, we organize a local competition once a year, which can give a chance to discover new talents. The secondary school-aged players train and compete among adults.

Our resoults so far:

Our youngsters have achieved several nice results:
Martin Lakner twice 2nd place
Krisztofer Maraffai 2nd place
Tamara Tóth, Levente Mölcs, Dániel Farkas 3rd place
Dávid Lakner, Norbert Németh 4th place
Alexa Maizner and Dániel Kozmor 5th place can be worth mentioning.

Dániel Kozmor, Máté Jónás and Lili Misik have accomplished one of the first 3 places on different rounds.

At present we have 6 youngsters between 10 and 14 years who have a competition permission and further 12 who regularly visit the trainings.


Gábor Foki